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The Next Person You Meet in Heaven: The Sequel to The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
Review Date : October 13, 2019

The Next Person You Meet in Heaven: The Sequel to The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom features the two prominent characters from his first novel, Eddie and Annie. This narrative focuses on Annie’s life in the period after the accident that took Eddie’s life. Now, faced with challenges and difficulties to start a new life, where does she find the strength? The accident changed Annie’s life forever. In this novel, she makes the ultimate encounter with the hero who died saving her life —she encounters Eddie in heaven.

This novel has strong spiritual and human depth, and explores themes of the meaning of life, accidents as intersections in life, and heaven. The narrative begins with Annie’s struggle to start a new life, it begins with her marrying Paulo, but then an accident takes her life and she sets out on her own journey to heaven. Written in the simple style that is typical of Mitch Albom’s writing, the story is heartwarming and the characters leap off the pages like people born from the reader’s heart.

This author has the uncanny gift of building connections between readers and characters — his characters are deeply human, limited, and flawed in a way that reflects the humanity in each of us. In their finitude, the author captures their desperate quest for eternity. There is an eeriness in setting that will remind most readers of some of their loftiest dreams. Mitch Albom plunges readers to the depths of their hidden desires, their hunger for love and meaning, and unveils the intangible sentiments that make us kin and kith with each other. It is deeply moving, inspiring, and satisfying.

Christian Fernandez
  • Pub Date : October 1, 2019
  • Page count : 224
  • ISBN : 0062294458
  • Publisher : Harper Paperbacks

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