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Key Strategies for Cancer Prevention: Options to Help You Stay Healthy and Happy by Hui Xie-Zukauskas PhD
Review Date : May 14, 2020

Key Strategies for Cancer Prevention: Options to Help You Stay Healthy and Happy by Hui Xie-Zukauskas is a timely nonfiction, medical book that provides valuable information and actionable steps to preventing cancer. It is a relevant book that creates a strong awareness on the factors that increase cancer risks. The author brings her wealth of knowledge and experience as a medical professional into the book and explores the nature of cancer and how it affects human cells and the overall health. But her book is notable for the message of hope it communicates and at a time that most readers are everywhere for answers: We can prevent and beat cancer.

In this book, readers will discover how to spot the risks associated with cancer and find out how to address them, understand the warning signs for common cancers, grasp the connection between cardiovascular health and cancer prevention, develop eating and healthy habits that keep cancer at bay, and learn how to enhance the natural defense against cancer. This is an informative book that is well-written and beautifully organized. Dr. Hui Xie-Zukauskas employs a conversational style of writing that does not only enable her to communicate effectively but makes her message very accessible to readers. She articulates brilliantly on risk factors in life like tobacco smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, poor dieting, obesity, radiation, and many others and identifies sleep, stress, and substance abuse as some of the potential contributors to cancer.

This is a book from an author who has shared the pain of her own father’s journey with cancer, and she writes in a voice that is both compelling and compassionate, enriching the book with real life facts and moving stories. This is not a book about cancer awareness but one that actually provides readers with tools and the resources they need to beat the disease before it even happens. Timely and hugely informative.

Kim Calderon
  • Pub Date : December 26, 2019
  • Page count : 350
  • ISBN : 1532086148
  • Publisher : Iuniverse Inc

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