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The Power of Your Past & the True Calling of Your Soul! by Angelika Schulze
Review Date : May 8, 2020

The Power of Your Past & the True Calling of Your Soul! by Angelika Schulze is one of the books with a message that touches a part of every reader’s soul because every reader has experienced some kind of pain that haunts their soul. Unfortunately, few are those who find the light in the darkness and who find the strength to walk past the experiences that have hurt them deeply, especially childhood experiences we are scarcely aware of. The unfortunate thing is that most people are still unaware of how their past pain holds them back from experiencing the fullness of life and following their path.

In this eye-opening book, and in a style that is characteristic of its straightforwardness, Angelika Schulze engages the reader in a soul-searching process that allows them to identify their past hurts, understand how the negative experiences that are stored in their subconscious mind hinder their growth and success, and provides a roadmap to inner freedom and success.

This is a great read for any reader who wants to break free from the shackles of trauma and pain and act with confidence — and this means every reader. The author shares insights into why we behave the way we do and how our past experiences shape the results we get in life. But there is more: the book provides secrets into turning adversity into strength and redefining who we are — people not defined by what happened to them but individuals who can make conscious and life-changing choices, regardless of the pain they have felt in the past.

This is a slim book, the size of a pamphlet, but one that has the potential to change any life. The visualization exercises and mantras contained in this book are designed to help readers see themselves differently — as filled with potential —, learn to create the love they need, recognize and build their potential, and live in authenticity. The Power of Your Past & the True Calling of Your Soul! is one of the rare gifts that set the reader on the path to true freedom, confidence, and a meaningful experience. It will change the way you see yourself and others. The message of this book is powerful: You’re not a victim. The path it offers is inevitable: you become a creator of the life you want.

Romuald Dzemo
  • Pub Date : April 27, 2020
  • Page count : 321
  • ISBN : --
  • Publisher : Angelika Schulze

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