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Perfect by Linda Heavner Gerald
Review Date : May 1, 2020

Entered as young adult romance, Perfect by Linda Heavner Gerald is a character-driven and spellbinding narrative that is so real and that thrusts the reader into the dynamics of University life and the realities that confront teenagers as they navigate the uncharted grounds of love and seek to define themselves.

Benjy Tafeen is a brilliant student who holds his pride and whose standards of perfection are raised high, but he is an emotional wreck. His experience, just at the age of thirteen with the family maid from Africa, Arjana, has left him feeling as though she were the only perfect woman. Then there is Lila who tempts him in many ways but leaves him longing for more. When Miriam Kriegsman comes into his life, he has to make the choice of embracing her wholly or destroying himself in search of something more. Can he be content with her or is he destined to hold onto many women at the same time? But it is more complicated than that!

Linda Heavner Gerald has crafted a story that is filled with lessons for young readers, especially about the choices they make and the repercussions. She writes about the difficult choices that the characters are forced to take as they reach the crossroads of life, exploring themes like infidelity, sex, AIDS, betrayal, love, and friendship. The humanity of the characters come out neatly in the writing and it is interesting to watch as some of these characters struggle with their vulnerabilities. They are genuinely vulnerable. It is hard for the reader to not fall for the feisty, bubbly, and outgoing Miriam. From the very beginning of the story, there are already glimpses of her go-getter personality: “Hi, Benjy Tafeen, my name is Miriam Kriegsman, and I'm gonna marry you someday.” What a way to say “hello!” This got me curious and I wanted to see what will become of the two.

Perfect is well-plotted, but the author’s gift for character makes this story a satisfying tale. It is a pensive story with clever and memorable characters. 

Bertin Drizller
  • Pub Date : March 15, 2020
  • Page count : 276
  • ISBN : 1707277559
  • Publisher : Independently Published

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