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The Cure for Onlyness: A Black Man's Guide to Joy, Passion & Purpose by Coach Michael Taylor
Review Date : April 3, 2020

The color line has always been one of the challenging realities that the black man has to deal with in America, and pretty much anywhere in the Western world, a conundrum that many have used to dull their passion and aspirations, often explaining away their inability to passionately pursue their dreams to their color. But it must not be so.

In The CURE for Onlyness: A Black Man’s Guide to Joy, Passion, & Purpose, Coach Michael Taylor identifies a painful phenomenon among black men and women, a sickness that is eating into the lives of some of the most successful among them: “While their executive brain is turned on full throttle, they still feel a sense of Onlyness, and deep isolation.” This book offers a cure and provides black readers with the tools to liberate themselves from the false beliefs they have developed over the years, a light that guides them towards their potential.

In this book, the author debunks some of the stereotypes associated with black men, to wit, that black men are an endangered species, that they use race to excuse failure, that they try to be white, that they are sexually superior, that they not patriotic, that they are deadbeat dads, and that they can’t be monogamous. He explains how these are illusions and moves on to show readers how they can change their mindset, taking the reader on a mental journey that allows them to understand emotional intelligence and psychological healing, and equipping them with what they need to lead “from a place of authenticity that binds them with all they choose to connect with.”

Coach Michael Taylor writes in a voice that is authoritative and confident and articulates brilliantly on a variety of topics, including love, health, wealth, masculinity, the tribe, spirituality, and a lot more. This is the number one book that any black man or woman in America should read. It provides the wisdom that readers need to rediscover themselves, find their path, and walk it with authenticity. This author knows how to engage readers in conversation, thanks to the simplicity in writing and the popular conversational style, combined with the art of storytelling. It makes for an enjoyable, eye-opening, and inspiring read. 

Romuald Dzemo
  • Pub Date : November 6, 2019
  • Page count : 192
  • ISBN : 0996948791
  • Publisher : Creation Publishing Group

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